Pleased To Meet You


Vita Noctis - Hade

Let me into your hade Let me into your life Get me into your hade Get me into your life See the distance between us You can’t begin to understand I see that hate turns up There is a woman in this case When you should ever come my way Don’t try to get yourself in Hidden by the rules of pride I saw the hate in your eyes Felt the distant between us I hate you, I hate you

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وصال موسى حسن اول مصورة سينمائية فى الشرق الاوسط
Wesal Mousa Hassan, the first film photographer in the Middle East. 
Woman Power

Chloë Sevigny on the set of Trees Lounge (1996) by Chris Hanley

Cover of Womanspace journal, vol. 1, no. 1, 1973
girls looking good - photo from tomboy

Sem título: Tecelar (Untitled: Weaving) , 1956
Lygia Pape 
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